Who we are / About Supremotech

“We’re not the only one, but we are the best”
We are an innovative, young and creative company Supremotech. Our main business is consulting in the construction, financial, and computing field. In addition, we also offer translation services and graphic design. In our company, we are aware that in modern life we ​​encounter a wide variety of situations that require quick yet informed decisions. The company’s philosophy is to provide quality work and counseling in various areas in which we want to meet all expectations of our customers. Services are performed with a great deal of responsibility and we try to satisfy our customers. Learn more about us click here

About Us

Wadie Kidess, EMBA
Wadie Kidess, EMBADirector
B.Sc. in civil engineering (Authorized Supervisor)
Energy consultant-ENSVET (Eko-sklad, j.s.)
An independent expert to produce energy performance certificates
Court translator and interpreter for Arabic language
Insurance broker & agent

Company Vision

Our vision is a company that with its expertise and quality of the advice successfully meet the challenges of the present and the future.
The company Supremotech faithfully follow the vision. Its current and potential clients with quality service at competitive prices. To achieve our vision companies, it is an essential further development and existence of the company.


The aim of our company is to raise the quality of services, to gain as many quality references and achieve visibility.

Supremotech company has long-term goals. Our fundamental objective is to fully meet our customers based on the full advice and quality service.

Why would you choose us / Our advantages

Because we are:

  • quality
  • affordable
  • Flexible but accurate forward
  • Quick response and always available

• each party to be trusted long term business partner.
• itself and enabling the customer to continually grow and develop.
• complete the work when the client is satisfied.

Company Information

  • Registration number: 3885968000
  • VAT ID: SI63779617
  • Subject to VAT: Yes
  • TRR (opened in banki Intesa Sanpaolo, d.d.): SI56 1010 0005 7917 046 (IBAN), SWIFT and BIC banke: BAKOSI2X
  • The company is registered under Case. No. : 316-03-00153-2011 / 2, on the date 11.01.2011.

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