ECOLOGIC SET is a hybrid system formed by the pellet boiler and hot heat pump.

The main advantage of this system is that it allows highly efficient heating in winter and low-energy and comfortable heating hot water at a time outside the heating season (spring, summer, beginning of autumn).


Advantages of pellet boiler EcoLogic 23:

 Identifying the quality of pellets;

 Highly efficient pellet boiler with reliable operation;

 Continuous automatic monitoring and adjustment of burning;

 Small consumption of energy product and high efficiency in any condition;

 Simplified start (automatic settings at startup);

 Easy installation thanks to the compact design;

 large pellet tank (210kg of pellets) – weekly autonomy;

 large thermal inertia due to the superior insulation of the boiler;

 5-year warranty on the boiler;

 Made in the EU.


Execution key:

Pellet ECOLOGIC 23 + series-mounted control unit SMART LOGIC

Sanitary heat pump ECO SPLIT (200 L water tank, generator heat pump control unit)

Components of mechanical installations

  • Circulation pump – riser
  • 3-way switch valve
  • Copper pipes Ø 28 mm (10 meters) and 22 mm (7 meters)
  • Expansion vessel for the heating system 24 L (with safety and service valve and mounting bracket)
  • Expansion vessel for hot water 18 L (with safety and service valve and mounting bracket)
  • Full fitting kit
  • The drain valve ½ “safety valve SV ¾”, a non-return valve ¾ “to 6 bar, ball valve with Dutchman ¾” transitional pieces, fine material, Cu knees …)

Setting up and connecting the boiler to the desired location in the boiler, pipe connection to the heating system and DHW storage tank SI

Connecting an HP storage in hot and cold water (hose connection up to 3 m)

Refrigerant connection between the external unit of the heat pump and storage tank SI covers:

  • Installation of the outdoor unit to a height of 3 m above the ground
  • One break through brick walls up to 40 cm
  • mounting bracket,
  • connection with a Cu tube and 3 m,
  • vacuuming and el. connection between the indoor and outdoor unit,
  • electrical power of up to 2 m.

Electrical connection of the boiler

Professional commissioning, testing and adjustment of parameters



€ 4,900


(Inclusive of 9.5% VAT)