The blowerdoor test measures the air tightness of a building.

This test is one of the conditions for obtaining an ecofund grant.

We also issue a certificate and a report to receive ecosystem subsidies.

PURES maximum values:

buildings without mechanical ventilation n50 <3.0 h-1

buildings with mechanical ventilation n50 <2.0 h-1

Maximum values ​​for ECO FUND:

low energy houses Qh 15 <25 kwh / m2a n50 <1.0 h-1

passive houses Qh <15 kwh / m2a n50 <0.6 h-1

We also offer free advice.

All of the equipment is from the renowned company BlowerDoor GmbH, which is the market leader in Germany and is one of the most successful leakproof measuring devices worldwide. The equipment is calibrated and certified.

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