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At the site, we perform professional supervision, which means that the expert checks whether the construction is carried out in accordance with the project documentation, based on which the building permit was issued. Senior supervisor also monitors the quality of works carried out, the quality of construction materials and technological devices to be installed in the facility, and ensures that the implementation of part of the agreed deadlines construction and agreed funding. Construction supervision must be provided no later than the date when the site launched preparatory work. It is recommended to have this kind of an expert before the selection of the contractor, as this could result has been involved in the signing of the contract with the contractor and advise even before the start of construction. Supervision of construction works is fairly extensive activity. In the simplest case, it might be a formal check, which is only important to obtain all relevant documentation and to satisfy the law. In the other, somewhat more complex cases, and the control over the construction work includes:


  • Control the quality and quantity of materials,
  • Coordination of tradesmen, installers and others,
  • preparation of documentation for technical inspection and
  • to obtain an operating license.

Depending on the wishes of the investor to form volume controls and defines the price. This ranges from 1% – 5% of the cost of investment in dependence on the range of control.


As responsible controllers offer the following services:


  • assistance with individual performers of construction, finishing and installation works,
  • making analysis of supply and manufacturing contracts with contractors,
  • conducted oversight of the construction or the various construction phases in accordance with the instructions received and in accordance with the project documentation, which means the existing technical norms and standards in terms of due diligence,
  • we ensure the quality of the works so operators as subcontractors of individual works and construction phases, and coordinate work between contractors and subcontractors,
  • monitor progress of investments – construction and eventual changes regularly informed investor,
  • perform control over the built-in materials, equipment, facilities and installations,
  • carry out control over the implementation of regulations, which require a proven control on the quality of the materials
  • we ensure that the facility is being built in accordance with the project documentation,
  • performed clearing of derivative works,
  • we ensure that contractors keep the prescribed documentation and
  • Prepare all documents for technical review and obtain an operating permit.


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