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We are a licensed company for issuing measured and calculated energy performance certificate for buildings. The energy performance certificate of the building affects the value of real estate and energy efficiency measures are also with us to become one of the important criteria to consider when buying or renting property.

We also offer free advice.

The energy performance certificate is an official document with data on the energy performance of the building and recommendations for increasing energy efficiency.

The Energy Act (EZ-1) provides for the compulsory energy performance certificate for all new buildings and buildings that are sold or rented.

Duties related to the energy performance certificate

The owner of the building or its elements must be in its sale or lease to the purchaser or lessee at the latest before the conclusion of a valid energy performance certificate of the building or its elements.

NEP is an energy performance certificate mandatory component of the project works carried out.

For the sale and delivery of a building or a particular part of the rent, the owner must ensure that the advertising indicates the energy indicators of energy performance of the building or a particular part of the energy performance certificate.

The validity of the energy performance certificate is 10 years. A party may apply for a new energy certificate before the expiration of 10 years, if the energy efficiency of the building changed.


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